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Concept Key: Musicianship Notes Theory Rhythm Advantage

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Pages 4 & 5
1MP3 Your First Note
3MP3 Now Together
5MP3 The Second Half
7MP3 Your Third Note
9MP3 The Third Combination
11MP3 Keep It long
2MP3 Half the Time
4MP3 Your Second Note
6MP3 The Second Combination
8MP3 The third Half
10MP3 Time to Move
12MP3 Play the Rest
Pages 6 & 7
13MP3 Whole Note and Rest
15MP3 Review Some More
17MP3 One More Time
19MP3 Same Notes and New Look
21MP3 Mixing It Up
23MP3 Air for 6 and 7
14MP3 Once Again
16MP3 Half Note and Whole Rest
18MP3 Half Note and Rest
20MP3 Adding Half Notes
22MP3 Air for 5
24MP3 Air for 9
Pages 8 & 9
25MP3 Fourth New note
27MP3 Playing All Five
29MP3 Hot Cross Buns
31MP3 Au Claire de al Lune
26MP3 Fifth New Note
28MP3 On the Move
30MP3 Merrily We Roll Along
32MP3 It's Raining, It's Pouring
Page 11
33MP3 First Chorale
35MP3 Lightly Row
34MP3 Klosé Technique Study
37MP3 First Duet
Pages 12 & 13
38MP3 Round About
40MP3 Ode to Joy
42MP3 Rock Time
44MP3 Scale Study
47MP3 Frog Song
39MP3 Arban Technique
41MP3 Good King Wenceslas
43MP3 Listen While You Play
45MP3 Dreydl, Dreydl
Pages 14 & 15
48MP3 Aura Lee
50MP3 Love Somebody
49MP3 Go Tell Aunt Rhodie
51MP3 When the Saints Go Marching In
MP3PDF Primus - can be performed after page 15
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