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Concept Key: Musicianship Notes Theory Rhythm Advantage

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Pages 6 & 7
1MP3MIDI Let the Band Begin
3MP3MIDI The Second Note
5MP3MIDI The Third Note
7MP3MIDI Triple Play
9MP3MIDI More New Notation
11MP3MIDI Now You're Movin'
13MP3MIDI Duet Now
2MP3MIDI It Is All Air
4MP3MIDI More In Four
6MP3MIDI It's Easy Now
8MP3MIDI Same Notes New Look
10MP3MIDI Listen While You Play
12MP3MIDI Theory
Pages 8 & 9
14MP3MIDI New Note
16MP3MIDI Another New Note
18MP3MIDI Hot Cross Buns
20MP3MIDI Rock Time
22MP3MIDI Merrily We Roll Along
24MP3MIDI Love Somebody
15MP3MIDI New Note Exercise
17MP3MIDI New Note Workout
19MP3MIDI Lightly Row
21MP3MIDI Good King Wenceslas
23MP3MIDI Jingle Bells
26MP3MIDI Ode to Joy
Pages 10 & 11
27MP3MIDI New Note
29MP3MIDI Old MacDonald
MP3 First Concert: The Victors
28MP3MIDI Tie Them Up
31MP3MIDI Jolly Old St. Nicholas
MP3 First Concert: When the Saints Go Marching In
MP3PDF Name The Christmas Carol - can be performed after page 10
Pages 12 & 13
32MP3MIDI New Note
34MP3MIDI Scale Study
36MP3MIDI Dynamics
38MP3MIDI Chorale Round Warm-up
40MP3MIDI Cassions Song
42MP3MIDI London Bridge
33MP3MIDI A Half Step at a Time
35MP3MIDI Shoo Fly
37MP3MIDI Russian Folk Song
39MP3MIDI Klosé Technique Study
41MP3MIDI Mary Ann
43MP3MIDI Ha'Kyo Jung
MP3PDF Prestige March - can be performed after page 13
Pages 14 & 15
44MP3MIDI Chorale Warm-up
46MP3 Two in a Row
49MP3MIDI Skip to My Lou
51MP3 New Note Exercise
53MP3 Aura Lee Rocks
45MP3MIDI Eighth Note Study
47MP3MIDI Baa Baa Black Sheep
50MP3 New Note
52MP3 Scale Study
55MP3 Frére Jacques
MP3 Geology - can be performed after page 15
MP3PDF Primus - can be performed after page 15
Pages 16 & 17
56MP3 Chorale Warm-up
58MP3 Barcarolle
60MP3 Theory
62MP3 Long Tone Warm-up
64MP3 Symphony No. 1 (Theme)
67MP3 Academic Festival (Duet)
57MP3 Scale Study
59MP3 This Old Man
61MP3 Blue Danube Waltz
63MP3 Scale Study
65MP3 Mexican Hat Dance
MP3PDF Festival Chorale and March - can be performed after page 16
MP3PDF Achievement (Chorale and March) - can be performed after page 17
Pages 18 & 19
68MP3 Chorale Warm-Up
70MP3 Musette
73MP3 Lovely Evening
MP3 Performance: Conquest
69MP3 Clarke Technique Study
71MP3 Old St. Nick in Eighths
MP3 Performance: Carnival of Venice
Pages 20 & 21
74MP3 New Note Warm-up
76MP3 12 Bar Blue
79MP3 Lo Yisa Goy
81MP3 Tongue Twister
83MP3 Spring Theme
75MP3 Scale Study
77MP3 Merry Widow Waltz
80MP3 Listening Skills Warm-up
82MP3 Camptown Races
85MP3 Écossaise
MP3PDF Sentinel - can be performed after page 21
Pages 22 & 23
86MP3 Scaling Up Warm-up
88MP3 New Rhythm
90MP3 Inkpataya
92MP3 Twinkle Twinkle
94MP3 C Scale & Chord Progression
96MP3 Morning
98MP3 Musicianship
87MP3 New Note Exercise
89MP3 Lullaby
91MP3 Chorale St. Anthony
93MP3 Trumpet Voluntary
95MP3 Surprise Symphony
97MP3 Can-Can
99MP3 Kookabura
MP3PDF A Natural Blues - can be performed after page 22
Pages 24 & 25
100MP3 Pachebel Canon Chorale
102MP3 Swan Lake
104MP3 Composition/Improvisation
106MP3 Scaling Down
108MP3 G Scale & Chord Progression
110MP3 Volga Boatman
101MP3 F Scale & Chord Progression
103MP3 William Tell Overture
105MP3 Rockin' Riffs
107MP3 New Rhythm
109MP3 Suo-Gan
112MP3 Where Is John?
MP3PDF Reflections - can be performed after page 25
Pages 26 & 27
113MP3 Flexibility Warm-up
115MP3 Aluette
118MP3 We Wish You a Merry Christmas
MP3 Performance: Sousapalooza
114MP3 Home on the Range
116MP3 Stone-Passing Game
MP3 Performance: Shaker Settings
Pages 28 & 29
119MP3 To the Next Level
121MP3 Arban Scale Study
124MP3 Andantino
126MP3 Expanding the Range
128MP3 Hey, Ho! Nobody's Home
131MP3 Largo
120MP3 Above from Below
122MP3 Shepherd's Hey
125MP3 Working Up
127MP3 Anvil Chorus
129MP3 Divisi Rock

Pages 30 & 31
132MP3 Tallis Canon Chorale
134MP3 Ode to Joy
136MP3 The Duck
138MP3 Happy Little Donkey
140MP3 In a Minor Mode
142MP3 Clielito Lindo
133MP3 Scale Study
135MP3 Dreydl, Dreydl
137MP3 Composition/Improvisation
139MP3 Sliding on Up
141MP3 Sakura
144MP3 Night Song
MP3PDF Flourish - can be performed after page 30
MP3PDF Antiphony - can be performed after page 31
Pages 32 & 33
145MP3 Chorale
147MP3 A New Jingle
149MP3 Ach! Du Liebur Augustine
151MP3 See the Conquering Hero
153MP3 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
155MP3 Bonjour, Mes Amis
157MP3 Dona Nobis Pacem
146MP3 All on the Right
148MP3 Kum Ba Yah
150MP3 Streets of Loredo
152MP3 Kopprasch Study
154MP3 Minuet
156MP3 Composition/Improvisation
Pages 34 & 35
158MP3 Hymn of Thanksgiving
160MP3 Austrian Hymn
162MP3 Michael Row Your Boat Ashore
164MP3 Amazing Grace
166MP3 Auld Lang Syne
159MP3 Wagner Technique Study
161MP3 Minuet
163MP3 Make New Friends
165MP3 Marine's Hymn
168MP3 Alleluia
MP3PDF Jupiter (Full Band) - can be performed after page 35
MP3 Jupiter (Solo with Band) - can be performed after page 35
Pages 36 & 37
MP3 Solo Performance: The Ash Grove
Pages 38 & 39
MP3 Solo Performance: The Ash Grove
MP3 Performance: Genesis
MP3PDF Band-o-rama - Correlated band piece to The Yamaha Advantage that is designed as a recruitment piece for a massed band of all ability levels.
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