The Method

Larry Clark
Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark
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This method is different, because it emphasizes the importance of musicianship from day one. The Yamaha Advantage contains exercises specifically designed to teach students how to play with correct note lengths, line direction and proper phrasing using the greatest music ever written. We have drawn on our many years of experience as composers, authors and teachers to provide you with material that will stimulate and enhance the musicianship of your students. It is a better way to teach beginners and we know you will agree.

So What's The Advantage?

  • FIRST band method to emphasize musicianship from day one.
  • FIRST band method with a colorful Internet look and feel.
  • FIRST band method with a Primer method for younger beginners.
  • FIRST band method with a FREE online community for teachers and students.
  • FIRST band method to provide all accompaniments for FREE online.

The Yamaha Advantage Series

Choose Your Method

Book 1
Greatest Solo Songbook
  • Innovative new approach
  • Stresses musicianship from day one
  • Builds ensemble musicians
  • Flexible starting systems with three ways to start Horn and Oboe
  • Musical Percussion presentation including Accessory instruments and Timpani
  • Enhanced CD included in each book
  • Sequential next step from Book 1
  • Continued reinforcement of material learned in Book 1
  • More ensemble experiences with numerous chorales and full band arrangements
  • More advanced techniques presented in a logical manner
  • 75 songs using only the first six notes learned in all band methods
  • Excellent reinforcement during early study
  • Fun approach will help stimulate students practice time
  • Quick start method for young beginners
  • Great for programs with limited contact time
  • Quick success guaranteed to decrease drop-outs
  • Built in First Concert for first success
  • CD included in each book to demonstrate tone and for practicing fun
  • Easy transition to Book 1 of the Band Method
  • Pre Instrument course with the same methodology as the band method
  • Includes introductions to all major band instruments and violin



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